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Prenatal Classes London Ontario –

Preparing You For Birth & Beyond

Prenatal Classes London Ontario offers classes and workshops designed to calm nerves, ease fears, answer questions, and prepare you for birth and life with your baby! 

If you’re reading this, you are probably at the point in your pregnancy where you’re starting to think about birth itself – and how prenatal classes might be able to help you prepare. 

Your life these last several months has been busy attending appointments and trying figure everything out like carseats, strollers, finances, maternity leave, nursery furniture, newborn clothing, all the things.  It can be confusing and overwhelming can’t it? 

And then there are the more weighty issues that you may also be navigating: maternal mental health, history of trauma, pregnancy complications, history of loss, family dynamics, changing identity, parenting philosophy…it can all feel pretty weighty.

It’s not easy making all those decisions or confronting the deep stuff.  We also know that you may not have had much time to think about childbirth until now.  And we bet that as you’re approaching your due date, your may begin to wonder:

“What will having my baby feel like?”

“Am I going to be able to do this?”

“What if something goes wrong?” 

We understand what you’re feeling because we’ve been there too!

And we want you to know that, like countless families that have gone before you, you can do this!

Our prenatal classes have been designed just for you. We hope to ease your anxieties, provide useful knowledge, teach practical strategies, and support you as you get ready to birth your baby.  Our goal is to create a really open and safe setting where you can ask any question without fear of judgement.  

What we are not going to do is prescribe how your birth must go or push a specific agenda.  Instead we do promise to provide you with relevant, candid, and practical information in a laid-back environment. 

This information is based on years of personal and professional experience as birth workers, healthcare professionals, the most current research evidence, and the many women and couples who have shared their journey of pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum with us.

We would be honoured to be a part of your journey too.

Our Prenatal Class Dates for the first half of 2021:  March 20th, May 8th, June 26th


I loved all the opportunities for dialogue, sharing experiences, expectations, difficulties and the guided practical movement components. It was really awesome how honest and stimulated the discussions were.

Prenatal Classes – Your Facilitators

prenatal classes london ontario

Liz is an experienced childbirth educator, birth and postpartum doula, grief and loss counsellor, mother of six, and grandmother to eight adorable babes!  No doubt she’s encountered every possible birth and postpartum scenario during her time of coming alongside women throughout their childbearing years.

 Over 20 years and counting, she has supported hundreds of families throughout their journey to becoming parents.  She happily assists women who have physiological deliveries, medically assisted births, planned or emergency caesareans, VBACS, home births or hospital deliveries.  Having been present at many different types of births, Liz exudes a steadiness, calmness, and wisdom that comes only with experience.  She is a wealth of knowledge and is the ideal person to facilitate a prenatal class.

Liz has taught prenatal classes formally for 10 years now. Her classes borrow elements from various birthing methods such as Active Birth, Hypnobirthing, Lamaze technique, Bradley Method, Calm Birth, etc. More than that, however, she gives you permission to be yourself and room to explore different ideas or approaches to childbirth that will work for you.  Liz is committed to presenting unbiased information, answering your questions without judgment, and inspiring confidence in your ability to do this.

Liz is a dynamic woman who does a little bit of everything. When she is not doula-ing, her spare time is spent enjoying family, volunteering in the community, counselling bereaved families, and teaching children after school. On top of all this, she runs a psychotherapy practice and has her Master’s Degree in Counselling from Yorkville University.

Ibbie is a women’s health-professional, childbirth educator, doula in training, and mom to four beautiful babes she had in six years.  So when it comes to birthing, postpartum, and motherhood, she has a lot to share from her own fascinating experiences!

Ibbie is the owner of The Mama’s Physio, which is a sought-after pelvic health physiotherapy practice in London, Ontario.  As a peri-natal physiotherapist she has had the honour of supporting hundreds of families through their journey from pre-conception to pregnancy to postpartum and beyond.  Working as a rehab professional in women’s health, she realized that much of the physical challenges women face could be traced back to their experiences of childbirth!

So Ibbie has become a passionate advocate for women’s health, particularly peri-natal health.  She is often asked to present on peri-natal health topics, childbirth, and the pelvic floor – and she has a lot of fun engaging with her audience.

Ibbie has lectured at post-secondary institutions, given seminars at hospitals, and has led prenatal classes and perinatal workshops addressing various topics such as active birthing, reframing pain, safe and effective pushing,  postpartum health and wellness, preventing perineal and pelvic floor injury, and female sexuality after baby.  In her clinical practice, she regularly provides 1:1 childbirth education for her clients.  

During her non-existent down time Ibbie enjoys watching documentaries with her hunky hubby, going for tea with a friend, planning epic family fun events, or getting her geek on by reading up on the latest in women’s health.

Nikki is a birth and postpartum doula, childbirth educator and a proud birth nerd.

Nikki’s passion for doula work was sparked during her first placement for her social work degree from Redeemer University. During this placement she had the privilege of working at a Pregnancy and Family Support Centre. While she saw the great benefits of formal therapy, what she kept hearing from clients was that it was the doulas accompaniment that meant the most to them during this stage of such great transition.

Fast forward two years and she was placed at a pregnancy support home in Quito, Ecuador. Here, she worked informally as a doula and loved seeing how invaluable the assistance of a postpartum doula really was. These experiences led her to pursue professional doula training.

Since graduating from Fanshawe College’s Doula Studies Program, Nikki has been working with momma’s and their families ever since then. There is so much to navigate when bringing a new baby into the world and she is passionate about walking with women and families through it all. Whether it’s teaching childbirth ed, taking maternity photos, rubbing women’s back in labour or caring for a baby while mom has their first shower in over a week – she is whole heartedly present! Nikki absolutely loves what she does– watching babies and mothers and families form, be born and flourish.

Nikki resides in a cozy downtown apartment with her sweet husband in London, Ontario. She currently sits on the Board of Directors at the London Pregnancy and Family Support Centre helping lead ESL programs during the week. In her down time, she can be found playing copious amounts of board games and making fun and cheeky embroidery pieces.


Why should we sign up for Prenatal Classes London Ontario?

As cliche as this sounds, we believe that knowledge is power.  And that ignorance is not bliss when it comes childbirth.  

You’re nearing that point where life as you know it is about to change.  Having a baby and parenting is an adventure, to say the least.  You wouldn’t go into any other adventure unprepared, right?  So it makes sense to get ready and to prepare your body, your mind, and your heart for all that is about to change.  We do our best to help you navigate all that. 

In our current world when people have questions they hop online and ask Google. That’s probably how you’ve found us!

Now Google is a double edged sword. It is full of stories that can be extreme.  It can be difficult to filter through the noise and figure out what’s accurate vs. what’s myth. Or even what’s relevant.  It can feed unfounded fears and can lead to rigidity in birth expectations.  The overabundance of information can be overwhelming.  We are here to help you get clarity on what’s truly important.

We know you have questions and some uncertainty about giving birth.  Our small sized prenatal classes are the perfect place to get those questions answered.  The human connection that you get from interacting with real, live people who are on the same journey as you cannot be experienced in large lecture-style prenatal classes or though online prenatal classes. 

That connection is really is the best part about our prenatal classes. And who knows, you may just meet your new best friends (it’s so important to plug into community that will walk with you during postpartum and parenting). 

Other reasons to take our in-person prenatal classes:

  • Becoming aware of the childbirth process can keep you calm and collected as your birth story is unfolding – no matter how it all happens.
  • Learning how to work as a team to bring your baby into the world can be an incredibly intimate and bonding experience for a couple.
  • You will learn which questions to be asking of your health care team.  When you are empowered with evidence based information, you can better advocate for yourself and your birth preferences.
  • It is practical. This means you will be getting up, moving and learning hands-on skills that you can apply during actual labour and delivery. Birth is a physical experience.  So it makes sense to get up out of your chair and practice some necessary skills beforehand.
  • There is no question off the table. And when you discover that someone else in your class has the same questions and concerns, you’ll feel better knowing you are not along.
  • You’ll receive a detailed childbirth education workbook that you can reference after your class and with future pregnancies.

With all these great reasons, the question is why wouldn’t you sign up for Prenatal Classes London Ontario?!

When are your classes offered?

Currently we hold prenatal classes once a month.  Our 2020 prenatal classes are scheduled for the following Saturdays:  February 1, March 14, April 25, May 16, June 13, July 25, August 22, September 12, October 24, November 14, December 5.

We are able to add more classes if there is a waitlist.  So please let us know if a date that you’re interested in is fully booked.  We can also notify you if an opening becomes available.

Do you promote a certain birth technique?

No we don’t.  We’ve been doing this long enough to know that different things work for different people.  And that’s ok!  There is a lot we can learn from different approaches to childbirth.  So we take the best from each approach but certainly don’t confine you to one birthing method, one technique, or one storyline.

We offer information based on the best current evidence we have available to us.  And we present the pros, cons, risks, benefits, alternatives, etc to specific elements of childbirth so that you can make informed choices.

You have the freedom to choose and you have the right to birth in a way that works for you.

We do encourage you to come with an open mind and a willingness to engage in reflective thinking about your own biases, beliefs, expectations, and ideas surrounding birth.  It makes for a more enriching learning experience for all!

At what point in my pregnancy should I attend a prenatal class?

Take the class sometime in your at the end of your 2nd trimester and onwards (so from around 24-36 weeks).  Don’t wait until too late though because you’ll want some time to digest all that you learn and to practice some of the techniques that you’ll be taught.

What is the content of the prenatal class?

Please review some of the frequent topics that we like to cover at Prenatal Classes London Ontario.

Would you offer private prenatal classes in my home?

Yes we are happy to arrange private 1:1 prenatal classes in the comfort of your own home.  These classes may be more suitable if you:

  • Prefer learning 1:1 rather than in a small group

  • Are having a planned C-section, have a higher risk pregnancy, or are on bed-rest

  • Are having a second or third child (or more) and just need a quick refresher
  • Have a history of trauma in your past (whether that is childhood abuse, past birth trauma, or something else)
  • Your work or personal schedule doesn’t allow for Saturdays off

Please contact us to let us know you’re interested in private prenatal classes and we’ll take it from there.

Who can I bring with me?

When you register for Prenatal Classes London Ontario, you are reserving a space for two people. Feel free to bring whomever you want. Ideally this person would be your birth partner or someone who will be journeying  with you during childbirth.  You can also bring a friend or family member.  If you come on your own, that is completely fine as well.

What do I need to bring with me?

Once you register for your prenatal class, you will be sent a welcome email with all the details.